Public Provident Fund (PPF): Double your money in PPF investment, PPF calculator 8% interest

public provident Fund is one of the best investment for employee and nonemployee here are the full calculation of the Public Provident Fund (PPF) account with the present interest on PPF of 8% per annum. Public Provident fund account is help to save our money from the tax unto 1,50,000 Rs per year and its not the end you can earn a good interest from the PPF also.

IF you want to check the full analysis of Compounding interest check it below the full information on video:

1 crore 70 Lakh return from the PPF investment :

What is PPf( Public Provident Fund) account

How to earn good interest from the PPF (Public Provident Fund)

and much more help video on channel about the pPF investment in India.
all check list which I told you in this video which is showing the PPF calculator is below all return from 10,000 to 1,50,000 Rupees with compounding interest:
10000 1,50,000 311728
20000 3,00,000 623455
30000 4,50,000 9,35,183
40000 6,00,000 12,46,910
50000 7,50,000 15,58,638
60000 9,00,000 18,70,365
70000 10,50,0000 21,82,093
80000 12,00,000 24,93,821
90000 13,50,000 28,05,548
1,00,000 15,00,000 31,17,276
1,10,000 16,50,000 34,40,731
1,20,000 18,00,000 37,40,731
1,30,000 19,50,000 40,52,458
1,40,000 21,00,000 43,64,186
1,50,000 22,50,000 46,75,914

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your solved question in this video:

1) PPF( Public Provident Fund)
2) what is the reuturn in PPF investment
3) return on 150000 amount in PPF investment
4) all about the public provident fund investment in hindi
5) help to under-stand the PPF compounding interest
6) the best way to explain the compounding interest in PPF
7) how pPF get interested

and much questioned still question ask in comment box about PPF

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